emperor.scatterplot(df, x=None, y=None, z=None, remote=True)

Create an Emperor scatter plot from a Pandas DataFrame


df : pd.DataFrame

Pandas DataFrame with the data to display, this includes both metadata and coordinates to position the samples in a 3D space.

x, y, z : str, optional

Column names in df, to use as first (x), second (y) and third (z) axes in the visualization. If these are not specified, axes are chosen according to the variance (in decremental order).

remote : bool, optional

Whether the JavaScript resources should be loaded locally or from GitHub. Defaults to True.



Emperor object with the numerical data as the ordination attribute and the entire DataFrame as the mf attribute.



If df is not a PandasDataFrame If x, y or z are missing from df or if they are not numeric columns. If after removing rows with missing data there are fewer than 3 samples.

See also



If a row has missing data, that data point will be removed from the visualization.