emperor.nbinstall(overwrite=False, user=True, prefix=None)

Copies resources to the ‘/nbextensions’ folder in your IPython directory

This function was taken from [1] and modified to match our usecase.


overwrite : bool, optional

If True, always install the files, regardless of what may already be installed. Defaults to False.

user : bool, optional

Whether to install to the user’s .ipython/nbextensions directory. Otherwise do a system-wide install (e.g. /usr/local/share/jupyter/nbextensions/emperor). Defaults to False.

prefix : str, optional

Where the files are copied to, by default they are copied to the appropriate Jupyter/IPython folder, alternatively it can be a folder where the resources are copied to. Note, that if this parameter is set user has to be None.



When prefix and user are used together.


After you install emperor, call this function once before attempting to call Emperor in the Jupyter notebook.


[R8]GitHub repository for qgrid https://github.com/quantopian/qgrid