gneiss.plot.balance_boxplot(balance_name, data, num_color=’#FFFFFF’, denom_color=’#FFFFFF’, xlabel=”, ylabel=”, linewidth=1, ax=None, **kwargs)[source]

Plots a boxplot for a given balance and the associated metadata.

  • y, hue (x,) – Variable names to be passed into the seaborn plots for plotting.
  • balance_name (str) – Name of balance to plot.
  • data (pd.DataFrame) – Merged dataframe of balances and metadata.
  • num_color (str) – Hex for background colors of values above zero.
  • denom_color (str) – Hex for background colors of values below zero.
  • xlabel (str) – x-axis label.
  • ylabel (str) – y-axis label.
  • linewidth (str) – Width of the grid lines.
  • ax (matplotlib axes object) – Axes object to render boxplots in.
  • **kwargs (dict) – Values to pass in to customize seaborn boxplot.

a – Matplotlit axes object with rendered boxplots.

Return type:

matplotlib axes object

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