Release of data generated in this project, including the genome catalog, the phylogeny, and many other things, plus their metadata.

You are welcome to use them in your research. For instructions / inspirations on how to use them, see our protocols.

  • genomes: The genome catalog subsampled from publicly available genome data.

  • markers: Single-copy marker genes extracted from the genome catalog.

  • alignments: Multiple sequence alignments for individual genes, and concatenated alignments for all genes.

  • trees: Phylogenetic trees of genomes (i.e., species trees) or individual genes reconstructed using multiple methods.

    If you want recommendation for which tree to use, please check out this one: astral/branch_length/cons/collapsed/astral.cons.e5p50.nwk.

  • taxonomy: Taxonomic annotation and curation results based on trees.