Qurro: Quantitative Rank/Ratio Observations

A software tool created by the Knight Lab at UC San Diego. For details, please see Qurro's GitHub page.

This page contains demos of Qurro on various datasets.


Demo Name Briefly: What was this study looking at? Feature Type Ranking Tool Used Demo Link Dataset Citation
Moving Pictures Changes in human microbiota over time ASVs DEICODE Here Caporaso et al. 2011
Byrd Metagenomics of the skin microbiome with respect to atopic dermatitis Taxa Songbird Here Byrd et al. 2017; processing done in Morton/Marotz et al. 2019
Sleep Apnea Intermittent hypoxia and hypercapnia in mice ASVs DEICODE Here Tripathi et al. 2018
Red Sea Metagenomic and environmental covariation in the Red Sea KEGG orthologs Songbird Here Thompson et al. 2017
Mackerel Mucosal microbiota of pacific chub mackerel ASVs Songbird Here Minich et al. 2020; differentials generated in this analysis